My Recognition, a platform focused on recognizing and engaging a team!

Gamify your company's challenges!

Send training videos, create a quiz with a few clicks and in seconds, request files or information, do research ... My Recognition adapts to your demand!

Improve interaction and evaluation!

Through a responsive platform, validate the data received, monitor the efficiency and evolution of your team.

Develop professional experience!

The team will be notified of the challenges and through a intuitive interface will be able to conclude the demands in an efficient way.

Modernize the way you recognize and reward!

Teams will be organically motivated and will be able to evaluate their own performance and redeem prizes.

Case Infotec Infotec Brasil has about 2000 employees distributed on more than 50 sites in Brazil and the great challenge was to bring this employee closer to the company.

Through My Recognition, Infotec is creating endomarketing, training and coinscientization campaigns, in addition to conducting research and optimizing day-to-day processes.

The platform proved to be a complete tool that can be used both to modernize and enhance the experience of the employee as to better understand and bring the team closer, with that it was possible to see an increase in the employee engagement and efficiency.

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With simple and intuitive apps, increase productivity!


Strengthen engagement in a growing and organic way!


Keep a motivated team with constant recognition!


Develop the company's image and meet your team!

Larissa L. Mafra


My Recognition is certainly a powerful tool for engagement and behavioral changes, as it explores, through gamification, motivation triggers that go far beyond monetary rewards, such as: recognition, status and challenge.

Pedro Ghiatã


Today it is essential to bring the team closer to the company and for that it is necessary to establish a constant communication channel that presents a current language with modern and attractive tools and My Recognition helps us a lot in this sense.

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